Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going to LAX... Or not

I got the most exciting email today from Karen Stien. (I've never heard of her in my life). It was a forwarded email from that said Melissa P. has a flight booked from ATL to LAX on November 22 and returning on November 25, already paid by this same stranger's credit card.

Pretty sweet deal!

I am sure this person just got the wrong email address and forwarded it to the wrong Melissa P. since my email address is mmp****, but it's odd that 1) the ticket had my same exact name, first and last, even though my full name isn't in my email address, and 2) that it is to/from the Atlanta airport, which is where I would normally fly out from.

I could technically, maybe, show up to the airport with my Melissa P. picture identification and get on that flight since I have the confirmation number and all... but I might be sitting next to an angry stranger who bought a ticket for a friend who wasn't allowed on. 

I'd feel pretty bad about that, and I don't want to make national news or something for making a scene in an airplane. 

This gives me a flash back to tonight... getting thrown out of a movie theater (for "being in the wrong auditorium; this auditorium is for VIP only"). The sign outside the door said "The Help 6:45", so we went in and cozied up in our seats. I didn't know to look for a VIP sign. I didn't know there was such a thing as a VIP movie for a film that came out two weeks ago, now showing on a Monday night at 6:45. But apparently there is. And so it was obvious to all the VIP's that we were not VIP's, so we were kicked out to an empty theater auditorium way on down the hall.

So my point is, getting up out of the "VIP" seats tonight in the dark movie theater by the movie theater  woman yelling at Crosby and me was bad enough; I don't want to get kicked out of an airplane by a US marshall in broad daylight

I won't be flying for Thanksgiving! Tennessee is great with me... I would much rather stay home. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where did July go?

I'm skipping two jam-packed weeks and about 3 laid-back weeks of my life because I don't know where to start on them so I keep procrastinating on blogging. Camp Coker Creek with Geoffrey's church was great, and so was family vacation at Fripp Island with my whole family.

My 8th grade girls cabin at camp.

The dreaded group picture on a stranger's stairs at Fripp.
I'll come back to those weeks in further detail later when I don't feel like procrastinating.

I was around large crowds of people for an extended period of time, so in the weeks following I've enjoyed laying low. Not that I didn't absolutely love every minute of the crowds, a bunk bed and an extremely messy room (both weeks at Fripp and Coker Creek) gets a little old after two weeks.

And so I came home and have been chilling... Babysitting some, cooking dinner at night, cleaning my room out, shopping for and celebrating mom's birthday, having another pre-cancerous mole surgery, and interviewing for jobs.

Mom and I made the best tomato tart from Southern Living. It was a puff pastry rolled out, topped with feta, mozzarella, and tomatoes and fresh herbs from the garden. We also made some jalapeno poppers (jalapenos cut in half and topped with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon-- super healthy), which I burnt, but they were still good. Mom and Dad have made some delicious salsa with the tomatoes from the garden, and we have had lots of cucumber and tomato salad with feta. It's been a good eating few weeks! 

I've cleaned my room out for the third time since April, and I think I've finally gotten it clean. Every time I clean, I take out about 2 trash bags of stuff or more, and the next time I do it, I wonder how I missed this stuff the last time I did it. But I think that I've finally got it all, and it feels so good! I can walk around my room without a problem! 

I've gotten to babysit some of the cutest kids (two boys, 10 and 7). We went roller skating, playground playing, to movies, and of course took too many trips to McDonald's. I think I gained weight because of their love of McDonald's! 

The moles that I got taken off and blogged about, they ended up having pre-cancerous cells in them so I got one taken out two weeks ago and got the SEVEN stitches out today. I've got a nice scar on my stomach now, but it's much better than cancer! I am so happy to get the stitches out, and now I just have to wait for August 31 when  I get the next spot taken out.

I have a final interview with a company tomorrow. It's between me and another candidate, and I have to do a 5-10 minute presentation about what my first 90 days in the job will look like, and I am freaking out about it. I am SO nervous.

I'm just praying that God would show me very clearly where He wants me. 

That's pretty much it for these past few weeks. Hope to update more often, starting this week!