Monday, January 9, 2012


Much has gone on since I  last blogged. Here's the DL.

We celebrated Thanksgiving. 

In December, I passed my tests so that I can become a stock broker.

I became licensed just last week! (Yay)

We celebrated Geoffrey's birthday the weekend before Christmas.
I got him a camping stove. 

Then we celebrated Christmas.

I got some wonderful things.

We made some great memories.

The day after Christmas, we made the trek to Florida.

We enjoyed paddling around in our canal. 
By "enjoyed," I mean that I was making those deep breath noises where you suck air in really fast when you think you're about to die... the whole time. I'd say that I get a little panicking in wobbly boats in shallow, alligator-filled canals. I'd also say that I am dramatic about it. 

While in Florida, Geo and I drove to Disney World one day.

I loved it! I hadn't been since middle school. Lots had changed! 

After Florida, we went to Auburn to visit my sweet Grandmother, Diddie and her husband Andy. 

Geoffrey and Adam got in the boat in her pond. 

Geo and Adam had the bright idea to walk around the pond to explore. Geo led, then I followed, with Mary and Adam behind me. Then I stepped in this. 

It was completely covered and camouflaged with leaves until I stepped in it (so it wasn't me being clumsy).

Suddenly I dropped down into this hole. And by dropped down, I mean my entire left leg was down there, up to my hip!! My other leg was out of the hole so I was kind of doing the splits. 

Not sure if this would be a normal first reaction, but not knowing why in the world there would be a hole that deep in the middle of the woods in Alabama, I thought it was a mine that was going to blow my leg off. You would not believe how fast I pulled my leg up out of there! It hurt my wrists because I pushed up so hard on them trying to get out of the hole.

Mary and Adam couldn't stop laughing since they saw it happen, I was completely shocked, and Geoffrey was in front so he didn't have any idea what happened.   

I am thankful that it wasn't a mine, and I now know that sometimes stumps rot out and leave deep holes in the ground. If that ever happens to you- you'll know it's not a mine!

We came home from Auburn and celebrated the New Year. 

I met reality and went back to work. 

Work has been really fun since I've gotten my license and started to do more exciting things. I can now have my own clients! 

I just got home from visiting Geoffrey in Nashville. 
We celebrated my birthday with a nice dinner at the Opryland hotel one night 
and with his parents one night at Bucca. Both nights were great! 

I'm not ready to be 23 yet- 2 more days of being 22 left! I'm going to live it up! 

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Valerie said...

Hilarious!! These things only happen to you, Mel!