Monday, January 9, 2012


Much has gone on since I  last blogged. Here's the DL.

We celebrated Thanksgiving. 

In December, I passed my tests so that I can become a stock broker.

I became licensed just last week! (Yay)

We celebrated Geoffrey's birthday the weekend before Christmas.
I got him a camping stove. 

Then we celebrated Christmas.

I got some wonderful things.

We made some great memories.

The day after Christmas, we made the trek to Florida.

We enjoyed paddling around in our canal. 
By "enjoyed," I mean that I was making those deep breath noises where you suck air in really fast when you think you're about to die... the whole time. I'd say that I get a little panicking in wobbly boats in shallow, alligator-filled canals. I'd also say that I am dramatic about it. 

While in Florida, Geo and I drove to Disney World one day.

I loved it! I hadn't been since middle school. Lots had changed! 

After Florida, we went to Auburn to visit my sweet Grandmother, Diddie and her husband Andy. 

Geoffrey and Adam got in the boat in her pond. 

Geo and Adam had the bright idea to walk around the pond to explore. Geo led, then I followed, with Mary and Adam behind me. Then I stepped in this. 

It was completely covered and camouflaged with leaves until I stepped in it (so it wasn't me being clumsy).

Suddenly I dropped down into this hole. And by dropped down, I mean my entire left leg was down there, up to my hip!! My other leg was out of the hole so I was kind of doing the splits. 

Not sure if this would be a normal first reaction, but not knowing why in the world there would be a hole that deep in the middle of the woods in Alabama, I thought it was a mine that was going to blow my leg off. You would not believe how fast I pulled my leg up out of there! It hurt my wrists because I pushed up so hard on them trying to get out of the hole.

Mary and Adam couldn't stop laughing since they saw it happen, I was completely shocked, and Geoffrey was in front so he didn't have any idea what happened.   

I am thankful that it wasn't a mine, and I now know that sometimes stumps rot out and leave deep holes in the ground. If that ever happens to you- you'll know it's not a mine!

We came home from Auburn and celebrated the New Year. 

I met reality and went back to work. 

Work has been really fun since I've gotten my license and started to do more exciting things. I can now have my own clients! 

I just got home from visiting Geoffrey in Nashville. 
We celebrated my birthday with a nice dinner at the Opryland hotel one night 
and with his parents one night at Bucca. Both nights were great! 

I'm not ready to be 23 yet- 2 more days of being 22 left! I'm going to live it up! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Working World

It's been a while! I haven't really known what to blog about lately. 

The working world puts a damper on my blogging because I pretty much go to work and come home every day, and I don't have so much time to procrastinate and blog like I used to. 

I went to Florida for fall break a couple of weeks ago. My cousin Emily and her two friends, Sarah and Kelly went, and my mom and me. We watched the entire season one of Friday Night Lights in three days, and I loved every minute of it. 

We took some fun/funny pictures one day when a storm was blowing in and the winds were crazy. 

I got back to work and hit the ground running so I could get caught up to stay on track for studying for my Series 7 licensing exam... And that has defined my life since then. I am taking a cram course next week and will then be ready to take the exam the following Monday. (Yay!) I'm ready to have this over! 

I am moving out of my parents house to a house next door with my cousin Crosby. I'm excited about that because it will be fun living with her but I can still be close to my parents, and I'll probably still be at home a lot. I'll have the best of both worlds! 

I wish I had a cool/fun/exciting/funny story to tell you, but I can't think of one, so I'll keep this one short. 

I'll be thinking for next time! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Going to the Office

I am a part of the real working world now. So far, so good!

I'm working for my uncle as his assistant stock broker, learning everything I can from him and from my two huge books for the General Securities Representative Exam (Series 7) and for the Uniform Combined State Law Exam (Series 66). So pretty much, I'll be going to work for the first couple of months to study for these exams so that I can get licensed and can then do my job and eventually do what he does!

Anyways, it's been an adjustment to go from a college student to unemployed/make-my-own-schedule to a 40 hour work week, but it hasn't been too bad as long as I get in bed a little earlier than I used to.

I get my own office, which has probably been the most exciting part, besides of course, learning about municipal debt characteristics.

The decorating is coming slowly but surely. I still have a little ways to go. I also love having an office instead of the way college was, having to bring your stuff with you everywhere you do. It's nice to go to the office and already have everything you need!

My lunch/study break is up, so I'll blog later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Life in Pictures (And Captions)

Life on the Mountain is so different from Life in College. But it's good! 

Crosby and I worked at the barn lot for days trying to clean up the brush (shown behind the dump truck).

We inspired other people in the family to help us clean up.

These two adorable four-year-olds (my cousins) play in my yard at least once a day. 

We take Shelby most places, and we've tried to get creative with the car seat thing. My thoughts were that all a car seat did was give her a few extra inches-just like the arm rest would do! Shelby didn't buy it. 

It rained and rained and rained... And I had to get the eggs (Dad left town because of the rain). 

I work at Poppy Flower Shop and got to make this! 
Cooking classes were so fun with Crosby... 
And the next night we practiced our cooking.

This is tiramisu that we learned at cooking class.
I forgot half the brandy and rum and it was much better than normal.

Donkeys escaped after the rainstorm because the tree was down on the fence... and so a drizzly morning walk turned into an hour long chase/enticement of the donkeys. Just another day... Good thing I didn't have plans that day.

I get to watch Laurel Anne and Shelby at gymnastics.

I get to visit Geoffrey for UT football games.

I also get to babysit Kaden any time that I want. 

Crosby got a draft horse tonight that is HUGE. She is so gentle and sweet but her size (1700 pounds and her shoulders are 6 feet tall) is intimidating to say the least. I'll be waiting a while before I jump on. At this point, I'm great with looking at her and petting her.

Haley the horse could barely fit in the barn stall. 
And so, that's my exciting life on the mountain. It's a very different kind of exciting compared to college exciting, but it's good. Every day is different. And I have a feeling this horse is going to keep it interesting. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Procedures, Burns, and To-do's

I have finally, after two months, had all of my abnormal cancerous cells removed! Two procedures, four numbing shots (the worst part) and twelve stitches later, I have no worries, and I heard Friday that the results came back clear. Dr. Fennewald got it all out. I knew he had gotten it all out because I saw the huge amount of skin he took out of my body (which he so kindly put in front of my face). I figure that I probably lost at least an ounce of weight from that. (Looking on the bright side!)

I burnt my leg on an exhaust pipe yesterday AGAIN. I'm going to have to start waiting to get stuff from my trunk for at least an hour after I get out of my car.  I just don't learn/retain.

I also burnt myself last week on a metal spoon that had been touching the gas flame on the eye of the stove. Mom had moved the spoon out of the flame by touching the other end of the spoon, and set it down on the counter, and then my arm brushed against the hot end of spoon, and I was SO surprised that a spoon was so hot, and mom was too! I think I screamed. We both heard my arm make a legit sizzle noise. I didn't know that happened in real life.

And so, I burnt my arm... not on a hot cookie sheet, or on the oven, or even a plate from the microwave... but on a spoon.

Anyways, I have a pretty low key week planned this week. (Not that it really takes any planning to plan nothing.) I tried planning already, and then I realized that it was dumb. I made this as I was trying to plan what I'd do after work last week:

My one plan for this week is that on Tuesday evening, Crosby and I are taking an Italian cooking class that we are really excited about! We'll find other things to do, I'm sure. We've thought about maybe painting some furniture or getting a horse or puppy for Crosby or something like that. We'll also visit sweet, tiny baby Preston, my little 2 week old cousin who lives right next door to me.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a company that I've been interviewing with. They keep calling and saying that it will be a couple of more weeks before they decide, but that I'm still on their radar, so that's good I guess... We will see!

I'll just keep trying to get my crazy, busy life organized by making detailed to-do lists like the above...

If you need any random jobs done, let me know. I'd be happy to help!

PS-- Has anyone else seen the new "scribe"tool on blogger? It's a little pencil icon on the top of a new post that you can click on and it guesses what word that you will type next. It's actually correct a lot of the time! If you have a blog, try it. It's amazing how smart technology is! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going to LAX... Or not

I got the most exciting email today from Karen Stien. (I've never heard of her in my life). It was a forwarded email from that said Melissa P. has a flight booked from ATL to LAX on November 22 and returning on November 25, already paid by this same stranger's credit card. 

Pretty sweet deal!

I am sure this person just got the wrong email address and forwarded it to the wrong Melissa P. since my email address is mmp****, but it's odd that 1) the ticket had my same exact name, first and last, even though my full name isn't in my email address, and 2) that it is to/from the Atlanta airport, which is where I would normally fly out from.

I could technically, maybe, show up to the airport with my Melissa P. picture identification and get on that flight since I have the confirmation number and all... but I might be sitting next to an angry stranger who bought a ticket for a friend who wasn't allowed on. 

I'd feel pretty bad about that, and I don't want to make national news or something for making a scene in an airplane. 

This gives me a flash back to tonight... getting thrown out of a movie theater (for "being in the wrong auditorium; this auditorium is for VIP only"). The sign outside the door said "The Help 6:45", so we went in and cozied up in our seats. I didn't know to look for a VIP sign. I didn't know there was such a thing as a VIP movie for a film that came out two weeks ago, now showing on a Monday night at 6:45. But apparently there is. And so it was obvious to all the VIP's that we were not VIP's, so we were kicked out to an empty theater auditorium way on down the hall.

So my point is, getting up out of the "VIP" seats tonight in the dark movie theater by the movie theater  woman yelling at Crosby and me in ebonics was bad enough; I don't want to get kicked out of an airplane by a US marshall in broad daylight

I won't be flying for Thanksgiving! Tennessee is great with me... I would much rather stay home. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where did July go?

I'm skipping two jam-packed weeks and about 3 laid-back weeks of my life because I don't know where to start on them so I keep procrastinating on blogging. Camp Coker Creek with Geoffrey's church was great, and so was family vacation at Fripp Island with my whole family.

My 8th grade girls cabin at camp.

The dreaded group picture on a stranger's stairs at Fripp.
I'll come back to those weeks in further detail later when I don't feel like procrastinating.

I was around large crowds of people for an extended period of time, so in the weeks following I've enjoyed laying low. Not that I didn't absolutely love every minute of the crowds, a bunk bed and an extremely messy room (both weeks at Fripp and Coker Creek) gets a little old after two weeks.

And so I came home and have been chilling... Babysitting some, cooking dinner at night, cleaning my room out, shopping for and celebrating mom's birthday, having another pre-cancerous mole surgery, and interviewing for jobs.

Mom and I made the best tomato tart from Southern Living. It was a puff pastry rolled out, topped with feta, mozzarella, and tomatoes and fresh herbs from the garden. We also made some jalapeno poppers (jalapenos cut in half and topped with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon-- super healthy), which I burnt, but they were still good. Mom and Dad have made some delicious salsa with the tomatoes from the garden, and we have had lots of cucumber and tomato salad with feta. It's been a good eating few weeks! 

I've cleaned my room out for the third time since April, and I think I've finally gotten it clean. Every time I clean, I take out about 2 trash bags of stuff or more, and the next time I do it, I wonder how I missed this stuff the last time I did it. But I think that I've finally got it all, and it feels so good! I can walk around my room without a problem! 

I've gotten to babysit some of the cutest kids (two boys, 10 and 7). We went roller skating, playground playing, to movies, and of course took too many trips to McDonald's. I think I gained weight because of their love of McDonald's! 

The moles that I got taken off and blogged about, they ended up having pre-cancerous cells in them so I got one taken out two weeks ago and got the SEVEN stitches out today. I've got a nice scar on my stomach now, but it's much better than cancer! I am so happy to get the stitches out, and now I just have to wait for August 31 when  I get the next spot taken out.

I have a final interview with a company tomorrow. It's between me and another candidate, and I have to do a 5-10 minute presentation about what my first 90 days in the job will look like, and I am freaking out about it. I am SO nervous.

I'm just praying that God would show me very clearly where He wants me. 

That's pretty much it for these past few weeks. Hope to update more often, starting this week!