Friday, June 19, 2009

How to put gas in a boat

I got a new comments box this morning and I want to see if I like it better, so I just had to post! You can comment from your facebok or twitter profile too now. And let me know if it doesn't work.

We're at the lake this weekend. It's my family, my Rapuano cousins, and my grandparents. My McGregor cousins are here too, as well as Granddaddy and a few of my Marsh cousins. We're staying at my cousins' houses who live on the lake, but they're not here. My aunt Kitty came over this afternoon and offered to take us on a ride on her boat. She was up for the day with her kids, without her husband.

She decided that for Father's Day she would put gas in the boat so her husband didn't have to worry about it. We went with her to get the gas, and she didn't tell us that she'd never gotten gas in her boat before. She sent me up to pay for it with her card and when I got up there, I heard over the intercom thing, Kitty said, "The gas came out all over me and it's going into the water. What is wrong with it?" So the man I was talking to at the register, slightly panicked, says back, "Don't move! I'll be there in a second."

He sprints out down to the dock to find that she is putting gas into where the water goes, like the place water goes for the sink and bathroom in the boat. She was drenched in gas. There was gas in her water thing. And she had to pay for the gas that she put in the water.

Plus, to make it worse, it is very easy to tell which one is gas and which one isn't. One plug says 'GAS GAS GAS' all around it, and the other says 'WATER' across it.

The man there came back up to where I was trying to pay after he got her settled and the gas going into the right place. He said, "I wonder how she normally gets gas in her boat?" I told him that I think her husband normally does it. That explained it.

So we got back onto the boat reeking of gas and headed home, hoping not to hit any docks or banks (last time, Lars was on the tube and Kitty accidently ran the tube onto the bank) and to just make it home safely. I did get scared a few times, but I knew that she was doing a better job than me.

If it were up to me to get us home, I'd be going about 9 mph at the most, thinking I was probably about to flip and possibly crying when I had to go over the wakes of other boats. I'm not a big fan of driving boats. But I do adore riding when my dad is driving.

Anyways, Kitty's husband, Jack got in town tonight and Dad said that he saw him busy getting the gas out of the water thing. Happy Father's Day to him.

One last thing, I am getting a free bloggy signature from April Showers that I am so excited about, so you should head over there before the weekend is over if you want to get one!