Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Special Talent

I've been thinking about talents. I mean, most people have talents.

My sisters are athletic. They can play soccer, volleyball, and they are semi-good at most sports. But, every time I try to play something, I get smacked in the head with a ball, I fall flat on my face, or I just get completely made fun of because I'm so uncoordinated.

I have a few cousins who can sing, some who can paint, a couple who can play the guitar, and a select few can dance. But, the talent didn't spread evenly throughout the family.

Me, well I can entertain people by singing and dancing because they think it's so funny. I painted a picture and someone asked if my little 3-year-old cousin painted it. And well, I am not musically talented with any instrument. The only C I got during my entire elementary/middle/high school experience was in BAND. I hated band and could not whatsoever play that flute.

So, I was talking with my family about what talents I could have since all of the good ones are taken. My sisters told me I'm good at talking. Okay, yeah, but who isn't? From now on, when someone asks me my strengths, am I supposed to say talking? (And that's it.)

The problem with my talking is that I thrive on awkward moments. So, even if I'm good at talking, I can make people feel so awkward. But I think it's so funny.

Maybe my true life talent is making people feel awkward. Good. Good. My parents would be proud of me.

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natalie said...

hahahahahaa... Mel, this is such a 'talent'. and i love it. and you. this totally made my day. Next year will you teach me how to make people feel akward? that would just be great! No one would ever want to come over haha.