Saturday, September 25, 2010

Active Mosquitos, Dead Roaches, and Numerous Fruit Flies

This is my house right now. 

[Notice I'm the only one here, just like last night.]

But it looks cozy enough, right?

Clean maybe?

Well, at least not filthy?

This is me right now.

I look content, right?

[Content is the only positive word I could think of for the way I look right now. I have been studying all day long.]

Clean maybe?

Well, at least not filthy?

This is a mosquito. 

She looks well-nourished and very active, right?

She wouldn't even be still for me to take the picture.

Anyways, she is well-nourished because she's gotten to feed on my blood all day long.

This mosquito along with her friends reside in my house.

They also reside on me at times.

I've never heard of mosquitos indoors.

But apparently these mosquitos are rare, and they enjoy my cozy house... and my content self.

We aren't sparkling clean, but we aren't that dirty.

I don't understand.

What is going on?

We have fruit flies like crazy, dead roaches everywhere, AND mosquitos that bite us inside our house.

It's funny though.

I see the fruit flies everywhere.

I have never actually seen a live roach in the house, always dead.

And I've never seen a mosquito, only felt them once they've fed on me. 

So obviously I didn't take the picture of the mosquito up there since I've never seen her, that is just what she looks like in my imagination. I've had lots of time to imagine today, as I have been studying way too long! 

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