Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Nights

I always seem to be way too tired to do anything on Friday nights.

When I get home from my weekly Friday business meeting for my business class, all I want to do is lay on the sofa or take a nap. It's becoming a problem. I don't feel like a college student.

Let me just describe my day.

I came home from class, sat on the chair, got the energy up to go get ice cream and shop for about an hour. On the way home, Natalie and I decided to get a manicure because the place next to our house only costs $14 and has a student discount. We really wanted pedicures, but they were more money so we stuck with mani's.

Turns out, the lady asks if I want gel nail polish because it will last at least 3 weeks. I say, yeah that sounds great! She tells me that it's a little bit more, but I didn't think that it would be a big deal. After an hour and a half wait because the gel stuff takes an extra long time to dry, I get the bill for $30.

Apparently the gel junk is not really just a little bit more--it's flat out expensive!

Anyways, we leave the nail place and rush home to change for dinner. I didn't even want to go to dinner after spending that much money, but we had already made plans.

So I went to dinner and then came home and been here alone ever since!

Of course, I have found very entertaining things to do here on my Friday evening.

I'll give you a quick preview...

I've been playing this lovely business simulation game for my business class. We get a group of 5 people, all different executives for the firm, and we have to start a business selling computers and make a ton of decisions for starting it up from scratch. We get graded on how well we make decisions and how well our firm does in the market. We did the best in the class this quarter, probably because of dorks like me in my group on the website on Friday nights.

Next I started thinking about the job fair coming up. I keep getting emails that say to 'dress appropriately for the job fair' and I got to thinking, I don't exactly know what that means. So, I checked to see what google had to say. I kept checking more sites because I didn't really like what they had to say. 

1. Treat a job fair like it is an interview because it is your first interview. Dress like you're at an interview.

2. Women should wear a solid color, conservative skirt suit with a coordinated blouse. The skirt should be past your knees. Wear moderate heels, not too high and never show your toes. Limit your jewelry, and always wear hosiery, light or tan colored (I didn't know people still wore hosiery; welcome to the real world). Sparse make-up, and manicured nails (CHECK!!).

And so next, this is what I went to: 

I actually just happened to get an email saying that The Limited is having a suit event where all suits are 40% off. So, I thought, perfect time to browse! Suits are so expensive, so maybe if they are on sale, it will be affordable... And I soon found out, even on sale, they aren't a good deal or anything.

Ok, obviously if I were wearing these, they wouldn't be so stylish. I wouldn't have all of the accessories because the websites said no jewelry or weird colors or anything. (I really like the first one!) 

So, after all my suit-searching, I decided to research every firm coming to the job fair that was looking for candidates with my major or something similar. They were all from like Pennsylvania and Atlanta and Memphis. I found a select few from around here and Chattanooga that were interesting.

So I decided that I better get to work on an impeccable resume and impressing one-minute commercial of myself! 
(Sounds miserable to me.)

I ended the evening with a quick facebook check, a chat with a couple of my fellow dorky team members for my business group, and then a blog post. The roommates have returned from their adventures tonight, and I am in the same place they left me a few hours ago when they went out.

I feel like a got a good amount of stuff done, yet nothing at all in my world has changed since 9:00 besides my knowledge about job fairs. Thank goodness for Friday nights! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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