Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I would definitely fall asleep at the wheel.

Mars, Lars, Hay and I drove down to the Florida house Sunday to meet my parents and spend the week. I, of course, drove because Mars is the only other one who can drive and she never wants to.

This was our conversation on the way down:

Me: Mars, I'm getting so tired. (Everyone in the car is half-asleep)
Mars: Yeah, I'm so tired too.
Me: Well. Why don't you sleep for a little while so that you can drive in a little while?
Mars: I can't sleep in the car, sorry.
Me: Well, how about you drive right now?
Mars: Oh, well I would but I will definitely fall asleep at the wheel.
Me: MARS you just said you can't fall asleep in the car.
Mars: Yeah, well... I just can't drive.

I kept driving sleepily for a while after that until I finally stopped and got some ice cream at DQ and that helped everyone stay awake.

Sometimes I think she's really on Mars half of the time.


emily said...

DQ makes everything better :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Melissa. hahahaha. that conversation makes total sense. I can't fall asleep in the backseat...but when I get in the zone driving...I WILL!