Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another fear to add to the list

We had an awesome Thanksgiving break. Florida ended up to be so much fun because Thanksgiving lasted 3 days instead of one. The Mission Inn was very nice for Thanksgiving lunch, even though we didn't have leftovers. We have tons of pictures... And a few funny/scary memories. 

The thing that keeps coming to my mind when I think about the trip was about 2 minutes long... And I'm pretty sure it scarred me for life. 

This is how it went...

Thanksgiving Day, after Uncle Paul stabbed a very deadly snake, the Cotton Mouth, and then watching the little kids mutilate it and cut open its stomach to find two whole fish in it...

Dad asked me to go ask George if he would like to come to our Thanksgiving dinner at the Mission Inn, which is a resort down the road. George is our sweet neighbor who takes care of the house when we're not there. He gardens and fishes pretty much all the time. He has been bitten by cotton mouths and copperheads... 44 times total, and never once been to the doctor for it.  The whole family loves George, he's part of the family now, so we thought we'd walk down and ask him to join.

Jack, Laura and I set out down the driveway. We considered driving, but we decided to walk. We have a long driveway, but we said we'd need as much exercise as possible since we were about to eat a lot.

We got to the end of the driveway, a good ways away from the house.
And out of nowhere, I hear barking. 
And then I hear a woman screaming, "Bentley!! Get over here!"
And then I see a pit bull running towards us.

This picture that I found on a google search looks exactly like Bentley looked at that moment, except Bentley was not chained up.

Laura somehow was suddenly 20 feet away from Jack, me and the pit bull.
Jack, who is a foot taller than me and 100 pounds more than me, was somehow behind me, and we were both backed into the bushes.
I somehow ended up right on top of the pit bull. I felt like my body was in a C shape. 
The middle part of my body was trying to get as far away from this deadly animal as possible,
but there was no where else to go.

Bentley was not responding to his owner.
I could just picture a huge chunk being taken out of my leg by this beast.

After about a minute, he left.
My heart beated about 1,000 beats in that minute. 
I turned around, shaking, and decided to drive to George's house.
I really wanted to run home, but I was too afraid that the dog would chase.

I'm sure the owners laughed as they saw us walk down the driveway towards their house, 
and turn straight around and walk back after their big, bad dog got to us.

I officially hate pit bulls.
I think they should be illegal to own. 
Obviously, these owners were idiots. 
They had a fence halfway around their house but not completely, 
so their pit bull could get out any time he wanted.
And they should know not to have him out because Mom told them last time...

The last time he almost attacked my mom, she drove back down there to the end of the driveway and wouldn't get out of the car, but she motioned them to come over to her car. Mary said she cringed as Mom angrily told them that their dog tried attack her and they need to get it locked up.

They told her that they have had it 8 years and that it's never hurt anyone.
But I don't care if it's never hurt anyone. That doesn't mean that it won't.
It's like saying that since a boa restrictor hasn't ever killed its owner, it won't hurt anyone.
I've heard stories about that. They do kill.

Anyways, that was really scary. 
I wanted to take a gun with me the next time I went on a walk because I wanted it to come out to attack and I wanted to kill it. Little kids ride their bikes to the end of the driveway. That's dangerous.
But... I didn't do it.
Instead, I cut through the bushes behind our house so I avoided the driveway...
And I never did anything about it really.
I think our family is sending them a letter to try to get rid of it.

It was scary.
I still think about that evil dog a lot.
I was already kind of scared of big dogs.
Now I'm going to be paranoid. I just know it.
Another fear to add to the list...

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