Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday + Midnight Madness

We went shopping in Orlando at Midnight Madness, meaning that the Prime Outlets opened Thanksgiving night at midnight. And there definitely was madness.

There were mobs of people lined up outside of Victoria's Secret for $14.99 bras and $2 panties. Once it opened, there were so many people in there that it was a 50-yard line that was one in, one out.

We stayed away from the crazy stores and stuck to J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, BCBG, and Ann Taylor. They were a little less crazy, but still crazy.
People had multiple rolling suitcases to pack their stuff in. 
They were doing some damage.

By 2 AM, I was walking around deliriously, trying on clothes. I was worried that I was making the wrong decisions on what to get. So I decided to go sit on the fountain and wait for the girls to finish shopping. (I got home and am still happy with my purchases, so that's a good thing.)

But I must say, if I had had more money to spend, I could have shopped for hours more because the prices were incredible. I probably could have shopped till 5 in the morning. I also probably would have ended up buying new shoes because my feet would have been raw... But I could have done it. 

Anyways, we left Orlando at 2:53 very achey and tired, but very happy with the deals we got on clothes. 
I spent $70 and saved $200. 

I was the chosen, lucky driver of Sierra the Sienna (minivan) for the trip home. 
I felt like I was seeing double lines in the middle of the road because of tiredness, 
but everyone stayed awake and chatted so that I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel.
It took about an hour, and I very happy to get in bed by 4 AM. 
(No matter how good I try to make Midnight Madness sound, it just sounds miserable.)

We have lots of chaotic memories of piling 9 girls in Granddad's minivan and shopping all night long.
I would totally do it again next year if I was in Florida again.

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