Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hot Dog Pizza, Anyone?

When I was home last weekend, we were eating dinner with my grandparents and my mom brought up the fact that when she and my dad were first married, they were really poor. They never got to eat meat because it was too expensive. 

She said that they would buy those really cheap frozen pizzas (I think the ones like Totino's, $.99, but they were probably cheaper 25 years ago). Anyways, they would cut up a hot dog and put it on top of the pizza, but that was only when they could afford hot dogs. They said they didn't think it was bad and they were happy to have meat (if you can call hot dogs meat).

We laughed about it for a really long time. We were eating some yummy chicken and broccoli casserole, so that's the only reason it was funny. I don't have anything against hot dogs, but I wouldn't be too excited about eating hot dog pizza. I was thinking I'd rather just have the pizza without hot dogs on it or a hot dog without a pizza. Or maybe I'd just stick with the basic rice and beans. I guess that's what they ate the rest of the time so they were tired of it. 

Anyways, I just want to take today to be thankful for the variety of food and meat that I get to eat. I take it for granted and get stressed when I don't know what I'm going to eat for the next meal. I'm not sure what my reasoning for being stressed about that really is.

Some day in the near future (as in, when I graduate without a job), hot dog pizza might sound pretty good. I really hope not. 

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