Monday, November 22, 2010

Every quarter-mile matters!

If you see a small white BMW cutting through parking lots filled with pot holes... 
Or if you see a girl at the library drawing a map in her planner...
Or if you get in the car and the driver goes the "long way" with a speed limit of 25 mph,
but way that is the shorter distance...
Or if you see a girl checking her dashboard mileage periodically throughout a drive...
Or if you hear a girl on the phone saying, "How about you just picked me up?"

Well, that's probably me! 

I am at mile 49,973 in my car. 
(That was by memory.)
At mile 50,000, my warranty runs out.
I'm trying every way I know how to prolong the miles...

I have been dreading this for the last 4 months. 
I take my car to the dealership when I hear any type of noise.
I have had every could-be problem checked.

I have to pay for the problems on my own from here on out...
That is not going to be pretty.
IF there's an issue, I'll be taking money out of my savings.

Don't make fun of the girl driving through the pot-holed parking lot.
Every quarter-mile matters!

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