Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ryan Edwards: My All Time Most Popular Post

It's pretty sad. 

My all time most popular post, meaning the one that the most people have read... 
is not because anyone cares about my blog or what I write.

It's because people search: Ryan Edwards, 16 and Pregnant.
My blog pops up 5th on the google search. Lovely.
I wrote that post last December, almost a year ago, and people are still reading it.
I had no idea that it would be any different from any other post.
I just thought I was writing about a guy from high school who is on that show.

Little did I know how popular he would get. 
Little did I know that people would be reading my blog because I know him.
Little did I know that I would see his face on the front cover of a magazine in Dollar General.


Anyways, I just thought it was funny that my most popular post is about Ryan Edwards, that guy from high school who wasn't even one of my friends.

I have always hoped that he hasn't searched his name on google and found my writing about him. That would be pretty embarrassing. But let's be real here. Being famous and all, he has probably googled his name to see what all people say about him. He has probably read all about what I thought about him in high school. If you have read the post, you'd see why it would be awkward.

That's my luck. 
(My luck is always for something embarrassing to happen.)
I just read the first paragraph of the post and was too embarrassed to keep reading, knowing that he has probably read it. 

(And maybe the post will become even more popular. Woo Whoo!)

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