Thursday, October 28, 2010

Give Energy. Save Energy.

I went by Earthfare on the way home from Middle School Youth Group because they have a nice buffet every day with fresh cooked vegetables and some meats and I hadn't had a decent meal all day. 

It was 8:30 and I was getting tired because I slept only about 5 hours last night in order to study for a test I had today. I have another big test tomorrow, so I thought I'd get a coke for a little caffeine. Then I saw something that said, "Give Energy" and I thought, Yes! That is exactly what I need, energy! Plus it's all natural and only a few ingredients, so it looked like it wasn't as unhealthy as those other energy drinks.

And so, I drank this entire drink at about 9 PM. 

I've never really had an energy drink before besides a couple of times when I was driving a long way at night. I thought this "Give Energy" drink would just be like a coke--something cold, a little caffeine, would keep my eyes open for a couple of hours. 

This stuff is so much more than that.
I'm wide awake at 12:15 with no chance of going to sleep anytime soon.
I have been shaking and twitching a lot too.
It's kind of annoying.

But my purpose has been accomplished:
I got a lot of studying done.
Plus, I will continue to study some more...
Or maybe work on the Rubik's cube. 
Until this energy that I have been given wears off. 

But right now, I really just wish that I could Save Energy for tomorrow.
I just want to go to sleep.

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