Monday, October 25, 2010

Nashville Weekend

I had a fun weekend in Nashville.
Gotta make this post quick since I have 3 tests and a presentation that I should be working on... 
Here are some pictures! 

We went on a train ride to Cookeville and had so much fun.

Lots of good pictures of Geo and I... 

Didn't know I had those wrinkles.
Or that my skin was as pale as a ghost.

I'm smiling. He looks disgusted.

I need to learn not to take pictures of us... 
I do it to be funny but maybe we should stop all together.
These were rough. 

The Titans game was a blast as well.

It was really good to be in Nashville and get to visit with Geo's parents and meet his sister and her kids. And I got to see my two aunts as well! Got lots of visiting in!

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Mary said...

hahahahhaha. your wrinkle comment is funny!!.. I would have NEVER noticed that.