Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where I Would Like to be Right Now...

I would love to be at the Florida house right now. 

My parents are down there now, and I'm very jealous. Fall is one of my favorite times there. Perfect sunsets, amazing weather, good sales at the outlets...
I really miss it. 

I haven't been there since Spring Break, and our family hasn't been there together in two years. We were supposed to go last Christmas, but instead Mary and I got stuck in NYC and the fam was there without us. 

I'm really excited that we are all 5 going together after Christmas, along with the cousins--Merd, Malone, and Em!

If I could choose anywhere to be right now, it would be on Lake Harris in Florida with the parents. It would be sunset, and we'd be in sweatpants and t-shirts out on the lake with "Just the Way You Are" playing on the radio.

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