Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Working World

It's been a while! I haven't really known what to blog about lately. 

The working world puts a damper on my blogging because I pretty much go to work and come home every day, and I don't have so much time to procrastinate and blog like I used to. 

I went to Florida for fall break a couple of weeks ago. My cousin Emily and her two friends, Sarah and Kelly went, and my mom and me. We watched the entire season one of Friday Night Lights in three days, and I loved every minute of it. 

We took some fun/funny pictures one day when a storm was blowing in and the winds were crazy. 

I got back to work and hit the ground running so I could get caught up to stay on track for studying for my Series 7 licensing exam... And that has defined my life since then. I am taking a cram course next week and will then be ready to take the exam the following Monday. (Yay!) I'm ready to have this over! 

I am moving out of my parents house to a house next door with my cousin Crosby. I'm excited about that because it will be fun living with her but I can still be close to my parents, and I'll probably still be at home a lot. I'll have the best of both worlds! 

I wish I had a cool/fun/exciting/funny story to tell you, but I can't think of one, so I'll keep this one short. 

I'll be thinking for next time!