Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas

I made these black bean and corn enchiladas for dinner tonight.

(Picture from Betty Crocker where I got the recipe.)

Anyways, they were so easy. Just a few ingredients, combine, roll into enchiladas, and bake.

The recipe doesn't call for it, but you could add chicken if you were up to it. The only reason I cook without meat is because it takes a whole, long step out of the process.  Unless I'm cooking for other people, I usually eat meatless and get meat when I eat out. I don't have anything against meat except that it takes too long.

For my enchiladas, I really didn't follow the recipe at all. We already had some black bean dip with corn, tomatoes, onions, and red peppers, so I combined that with green chiles, a little enchilada sauce and a cup of cheese for the filling. Then I rolled it into the tortillas, topped with enchilada sauce and cheese and baked for 30 minutes.

Nat made some guacamole that is really good and easy--3 avocados, some tomato, some onion, splash of lemon juice, pepper, splash of olive oil, and Goya Adobo seasoning (the secret ingredient that is no longer a secret).

I'm not much of a measurer, so I just did everything to how I wanted it to taste. It takes out a lot of dishes and cuts some time out.

That's our dinner! Along with blue chips and the new, old Dr. Pepper with real sugar (my fave)!

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