Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mary has an Old, Japanese Woman Stalker.

I guess you could say that weird things happen to people in my family. 
They definitely happen to me, and Mary is now having strange things happen.
By the way, this story isn't a joke this time, I promise.  

Mary recently got a babysitting job every Friday at a very nice house for three really cute little girls. 
She gets paid well, and she always says that the job is easy... 
Until last week.

Last week, I got texts from Mary saying,
"There is a Japanese lady at their house and she is talking to me about not having sex before marriage, putting God before possessions, and learning how to cook and clean for my husband. She has been talking to me all day and I can't understand everything. I just keep laughing and saying yes."

Later, I got a text saying,
"She asked if she could be my grandmother and teach me how to cook and clean. She's bringing egg drop soup over and she asked for my address."

Mary said that she didn't write down her address right away, trying to avoid it, but the lady kept coming back and reminding her to write it down. 

She eventually wrote it down, but then she left and we forgot about it.

Well Sunday rolls around and I was at home alone and get a knock on the door. I looked out the window first and saw two women out there. One Asian older lady, and one girl with a thick canvas dress on to the ground. I opened the door and the older woman asked for Mary. I immediately knew who it was, and I told her Mary wasn't here. She said she was just coming by to make sure that she knew where the house was before she came back. She gave me two books for Mary to read and they would discuss the scriptures next time she came by. Then she asked for Mary's phone number. I gave it to her because I couldn't act like I didn't have it.

The other lady with her never said a word until I asked her her name, which was Rose. She apparently just came to drive Sue over. The books that Sue gave Mary were Jehovah's Witness books. That explained it! The woman driving her... Coming to the door... 

So today, Tuesday, Nat got home and saw these things on the front porch: 

Dear Mary,
I stop make 
egg drop soup. Keep.
I my come make
See good day.
Love all,

And the supplies!
She left the eggs on the porch, I hope they're okay!

I love that the note is signed, "Grandmother."
That way Mary knows exactly who left the stuff. Of course! It's Grandmother!

She really is sweet. I don't mean to make fun of her, but you have to admit that it is funny. 
An old Asian woman stalking Mary.

She wants to come over to teach Mary how to make egg drop soup. 
I think that will be cool to know how to do! 
I mean, how many white college students know how to make egg drop soup?
Mary has a bad attitude about it though.
She says she doesn't know what she's going to say when they discuss Scriptures 
because she has a hard time understanding her,
and she doesn't know what to say about the Jehovah's Witness part either. 

Anyways,  I have a feeling that this is going to be interesting. 
 I have a feeling that we're going to be weary of hearing a knock on the door.
We're going to be scared that we're going to get caught talking!
What if she comes over on a day that we have things to do?
It will be hard to explain to her!
She never calls in advance... 
Oh dear!

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