Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I went to Ikea in Orlando. Ikea + not spending money = impossible

I saw some super deals plus I will have a double bed next year and I have never had to furnish a double bed bedroom before--I have had a twin and a king so far, no double, so this means I have to/get to buy all new bedding.

I didn't think about sharing this with you but I figured I probably should since Beal did on her blog. So, this is what I found so far....

Above is the main pillow I'm working with because I just loved it.

And this is actually yellow and white and looks completely different on my bed and I think it's much cuter in person.

And then this pillow goes with it too and it's much larger in real life than the picture, ya know?

I have a double bed at home but I haven't always lived in this room, so I didn't choose the bedding here and I really disliked it, so I put my new bedding on it and I'm already loving it, although it clashes with the slightly tacky bright green walls of my bedroom. That's okay though because it's so soft and much better anyways. Have you ever seen my bedroom at home?

It's very bright and so not me. But, that's what happens when you go to college and your mom moves you around while you're gone.

My room is packed to the max at the moment and I don't have a closet either. But that's okay--I'm making do just fine for the time being.

So anyways, I have to keep working on my room a little but I'm not buying much more because you know, I don't really have a job anymore. Actually, I really don't have a job anymore. Not sure if you know, but I'm not working for Granddaddy anymore. I bought this stuff when I still had a job, so now it's back to the ole' spend no money plan. Oh how I love that plan.

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