Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Life in Pictures (And Captions)

Life on the Mountain is so different from Life in College. But it's good! 

Crosby and I worked at the barn lot for days trying to clean up the brush (shown behind the dump truck).

We inspired other people in the family to help us clean up.

These two adorable four-year-olds (my cousins) play in my yard at least once a day. 

We take Shelby most places, and we've tried to get creative with the car seat thing. My thoughts were that all a car seat did was give her a few extra inches-just like the arm rest would do! Shelby didn't buy it. 

It rained and rained and rained... And I had to get the eggs (Dad left town because of the rain). 

I work at Poppy Flower Shop and got to make this! 
Cooking classes were so fun with Crosby... 
And the next night we practiced our cooking.

This is tiramisu that we learned at cooking class.
I forgot half the brandy and rum and it was much better than normal.

Donkeys escaped after the rainstorm because the tree was down on the fence... and so a drizzly morning walk turned into an hour long chase/enticement of the donkeys. Just another day... Good thing I didn't have plans that day.

I get to watch Laurel Anne and Shelby at gymnastics.

I get to visit Geoffrey for UT football games.

I also get to babysit Kaden any time that I want. 

Crosby got a draft horse tonight that is HUGE. She is so gentle and sweet but her size (1700 pounds and her shoulders are 6 feet tall) is intimidating to say the least. I'll be waiting a while before I jump on. At this point, I'm great with looking at her and petting her.

Haley the horse could barely fit in the barn stall. 
And so, that's my exciting life on the mountain. It's a very different kind of exciting compared to college exciting, but it's good. Every day is different. And I have a feeling this horse is going to keep it interesting. 

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