Sunday, September 4, 2011

Procedures, Burns, and To-do's

I have finally, after two months, had all of my abnormal cancerous cells removed! Two procedures, four numbing shots (the worst part) and twelve stitches later, I have no worries, and I heard Friday that the results came back clear. Dr. Fennewald got it all out. I knew he had gotten it all out because I saw the huge amount of skin he took out of my body (which he so kindly put in front of my face). I figure that I probably lost at least an ounce of weight from that. (Looking on the bright side!)

I burnt my leg on an exhaust pipe yesterday AGAIN. I'm going to have to start waiting to get stuff from my trunk for at least an hour after I get out of my car.  I just don't learn/retain.

I also burnt myself last week on a metal spoon that had been touching the gas flame on the eye of the stove. Mom had moved the spoon out of the flame by touching the other end of the spoon, and set it down on the counter, and then my arm brushed against the hot end of spoon, and I was SO surprised that a spoon was so hot, and mom was too! I think I screamed. We both heard my arm make a legit sizzle noise. I didn't know that happened in real life.

And so, I burnt my arm... not on a hot cookie sheet, or on the oven, or even a plate from the microwave... but on a spoon.

Anyways, I have a pretty low key week planned this week. (Not that it really takes any planning to plan nothing.) I tried planning already, and then I realized that it was dumb. I made this as I was trying to plan what I'd do after work last week:

My one plan for this week is that on Tuesday evening, Crosby and I are taking an Italian cooking class that we are really excited about! We'll find other things to do, I'm sure. We've thought about maybe painting some furniture or getting a horse or puppy for Crosby or something like that. We'll also visit sweet, tiny baby Preston, my little 2 week old cousin who lives right next door to me.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a company that I've been interviewing with. They keep calling and saying that it will be a couple of more weeks before they decide, but that I'm still on their radar, so that's good I guess... We will see!

I'll just keep trying to get my crazy, busy life organized by making detailed to-do lists like the above...

If you need any random jobs done, let me know. I'd be happy to help!

PS-- Has anyone else seen the new "scribe"tool on blogger? It's a little pencil icon on the top of a new post that you can click on and it guesses what word that you will type next. It's actually correct a lot of the time! If you have a blog, try it. It's amazing how smart technology is! 

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