Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Summer!

Happy 3rd day of summer!

I don't even know where to start. This summer has been crazy! Crazy busy, but crazy good!

We had VBS two weeks ago which I did every day. I had sweet 6th grade girls and we had so much fun. I got to know a lot of the girls who I will be working with from now for about a year hopefully. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be a volunteer leader with 6th grade girls after the summer is over. VBS was a wonderful way to start getting to know them.

It was a miracle though. I remembered 90% of their names. And I really mean a miracle. I sometimes always forget every single person's name who I meet. I've talked about it before on here. It's a huge problem. Example: I met 2 guys at Geo's church this weekend and called them KelleN and Caden. Their names were KelleR and Paden all morning long until Geo told me after church was over. But actually, the bad part was, I was proud of myself for even remembering that much of their names. I really think God is working in me to help me remember names. Like really.

So then the week after VBS was City Surge for high schoolers and middle schoolers. It's like a mission trip but they stayed in Knoxville. I had 5 10th grade girls staying with me, so that was so much fun! I started Sunday night and wasn't alone again until Thursday morning. I was like a camp counselor but at my own house with dishes to do.

During the days, I took a group to work on some elderly people's yards. The first night I woke up with swimmer's ear, so I had to go to the clinic and miss the first day of work. But I got to go the following days and trim bushes, plant flowers, pull weeds, and roll around in poison ivy. After work, we had a 2 hour shower break, then back to serve and eat dinner, have some talks, small groups, entertainment, and then back home at 11 so that we could hang out sleep sitting up until about 2 or 3. Then up at 7 the next morning.

It wore me out.

So Thursday when that was finished, I bought a Rockstar energy drink and  headed to Nashville to see Geoffrey and his family. It was a blast as we hung out with his family, took a trip to the zoo, went out to dinner, got some really good ice cream, visited my cousins, saw Nat and Sarah, and just had a really good time together.

I have to go to our middle school thing now, so I will finish this update in the near future I'm hoping.

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