Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Simple Life

Life without a car is rather simple. 

I am content with staying at home a lot and walking places if I need something. Mary took the car home this weekend, so I am truly without a car, and surprisingly, it's rather freeing. I have a good excuse not to get things done. I can walk to CVS, the dry cleaners, Panera, Tuesday Mornings, and the bank, and that's exactly what I've done lately. I live in a good location for not having a car (unless I need to  get to campus). Mary actually ran down the greenway that is close, and if I used that, it wouldn't be too far to campus if I really needed to walk--only about 2.5 miles! Mom also mentioned I could ride the public bus. I think I'd rather walk.

Picture this without all the people or the water. 
Every time I walk somewhere, I imagine that I am living in the old times before cars when people would walk to town to get things. It's all good in theory, but if you have a lot of things, it's a little bit harder. I had the bright idea to walk to the liquor store last night to get some boxes for moving, so I had to carry three big boxes all the way back. By the end, I didn't think it was such a bright idea. So, moral of the story is: when you walk to do errands, take a little red wagon along with you.

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