Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's funny how I get out of school...

It's funny how I get out of school and then think that I don't have time to blog. It should be the other way around. Anyways, I have been doing stuff even though I don't have an official job. This week I stayed in Atlanta for 3 days and babysat my cute cousin Shelby. I've been babysitting for another cute family too. They have 4 boys under 6 years old and they are all so cute and energetic! 

Here are some pictures from babysitting that were on my phone:

Cute Shelby at the pool. It's all we did for 3 days.

Adorable Tate, one of the four boys.

Why do kids always have to get so close to the tv?

I've really been missing Kaden! He has grown so!

And he's such a good crawler now!
We had a fun Dugger family reunion today. We talked about my great-grandmother Glades, and I decided I like that name. Not that I need any baby names soon at all. Just saying I like it.

Anyways,  I will be babysitting most nights this week and working at my cousin's store during the daytime and looking for a job and packing for Europe and then going to Nashville to see the Street family and coming home to do facepaint with Evangelical Children's Ministry and.... I'll pretty much be busy.

And lastly, here are some very late pictures of formal and a few from Emily's wedding:

Gav, Nat, and I before our last formal.

My hot date at formal.
(I only say that because he hates any kind of PDA.
Not really only, I do think he is, but I wouldn't normally write that.
Does that make sense?)

Geoffrey, me, Adam and Gavin after formal.

He likes to disrupt our pictures,
 only because he knows it gets on my nerves.
This is why I put that caption on the other pic.

Our one picture from Emily's wedding together. In the parking lot.
At least we got one!

Natalie, Me, Emily W. and Gavin at the reception
And lastly, but certainly not least, the beautiful bride and groom! 

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