Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Wall of Randomness

I'm a college student. And so are my roommates. That means that we have practically no money for decorating our apartment.

We had a huge, white, blank wall in our living room. And we had no idea what to do with it. At least, no affordable ideas about what to do.

We discussed and we figured, heck, when else in our life can we just write on our walls?

And so, Gavin went out and bought paint pens. Blue, green, and brown, of course, to match the colors of our living room. (Keepin' it classy.)

After about a half minute of discussion, we just began writing our names on the wall. The neighbors came over and signed their names. And then my cousins left their love. And then a random guy from Oregon who was visiting the neighbors belowAnd by the time the weekend was over, the wall was half covered.

We thought that it was going to take up just one little section of the wall, but it's already almost covering the wall after two weekends.

So here it is. Here is our Wall of Randomness. If you'd like to contribute, please come on over!