Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The weirdness of life in general.

Hello dear blog friends!

Just needed a study break and I thought I'd share with you some of my thoughts as of late, the ones that I revert to as I'm avoiding studying.

I'll just preface this: I think a lot, and I think that I think about weird things.

So, I wanted to tell you about a few things that I think are so cool and that are amazing and weird, really, when you think about them.

1. The fact that we don't fall more often. I mean, we are walking around on these two stick-like things, and it's kind of a big deal and rare if we fall. I mean, children fall all the time, but if an adult falls, it's like detrimental to their health sometimes.

2. Driving in cars and not having more wrecks. We zoom past people all the time, both going 45 mph and around a curve, and we don't even hit the other car.

3. Why are roaches so scary? I'm not saying I'm not afraid of them, but what makes them so much more disgusting and repulsive than say, flies or grasshoppers.

4. The leaves all change during one season. They could all change at different times of the year.

5. Sleep. Like why do we sleep? What happens when we sleep to make us feel better? Isn't it weird that we go into this state that is like we're dead, in a way, for like a third of our life?

6. Hair in general. We have this stringy stuff that flows off of our body. I mean, that is WEIRD. And eye brows, they are strange too.

7. What if I saw green the way you saw yellow, but we both called it green? We'd never know that the other person saw it differently.

8. Do blind people see in their dreams? Do deaf people hear?

9. Names are strange. Your parents just pick a word that becomes your identity. A word that, if someone says it or something close to it, you immediately turn around.

10. Getting married. That means that I'm going to be with that one person for the rest of our lives; even if I get annoyed or mad or whatever may happen. That's scary, but maybe just because I don't know who that person is.

11. Airplanes. They weigh sooo much and they are just floating in the sky. It's absolutely insane.

12. Singing at church. Like okay, I have a bad voice, and do you think that God hears everyone's voices collectively, or that He hears mine alone and the person next to me alone? I sure hope He listens collectively for His sake.

13. Watching tv, going to movies, reading books. Have you ever found yourself praying for someone who is not even real? Well, I have and I totally feel justified for it. Those people become so real, and I truly become concerned. I can't even count how many times I found myself praying while I was reading My Sister's Keeper.

14. God is so creative in making so many different people. It's strange that more people don't look more alike. And how do we differentiate between all the people we see every day and the people who we have only met once, yet remember them all? Minds are really impressive.

15. Why are the numbers on a calculator, a phone, and the keyboard all differently placed? Wouldn't it be easier if they were all just the same. No wonder I always type the numbers in my password incorrectly.

16. What would we do if it were the old days and all there was to drink was water, milk, and tea? How boring that would be! No orange juice, coffee, diet cherry vanilla dr pepper, or pumpkin spice lattes. Emily would have fit in really well in those days.

17. What would I do with my time if there was no internet? That would mean no blog stalking, no facebook, no email, and no youtube.

18. When someone asks, 'what do you do in your free time?' what is the right answer? Like, do they want to know that you shower, read your bible, watch tv, sit there aimlessly staring at walls, shop, think, blog, and eat. Because that's what most people do during their free time if we're going to be honest. I hate that question. Maybe it's just me because I never have a good answer.

19. What's the deal with toenails and fingernails? Why do they grow? Who came up with the idea to paint them? That sounds like something an ancient Indian tribe would do- paint parts of their body in bright colors. Or even weirder, dark colors that look like they could be rotting.

20. And lastly, when did yelling, clapping, standing up, crying, or getting angry at the TV during football, basketball, whatever sporting event or emotional movie, ever become acceptable behavior and even normal?

So anyways, please let me know if you have any answers. And please don't judge me for my random thoughts.

And let's praise God for all the intricate little details and quirks of life; it makes everything much more interesting.

This is just a random picture that I saw as I was browsing through my pictures. It is just awesome because I was loving this time of the year: it was springtime and we had just gotten out of school. (Side note: we were sailing and I was with Mere, Merd, John and Rosson, and I just did not handle the experience very well.) But, at any rate, it's so cool how I can be loving Fall right now and how I loved Spring then. They are so different but awesome in their own ways.

Seasons are awesome.