Monday, November 2, 2009

November: The Thankful Month, For Real

It's November!

I love this month because it's the month when the bright red, orange, and yellow leaves contrast with these perfectly blue, cloudless skies that are lingering from October. The air is so crisp that I forget what humidity feels like. And it's just the perfect temperature to drink green tea while doing homework on the deck, meaning that it's cold enough to drink warm tea outside, yet warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without numb fingers and toes.

I'm telling you this because truly, I am dreading the winter, which makes me usually dread November because November means that the winter is on its way.

But I have decided, in light of Thanksgiving, that I am going to be thankful for at least one thing every day.

I'll keep you posted and I hope you'll join in and be thankful.

So, to start off, today I am thankful that my hair does not look like this any longer:

Enough said, you understand why, right? I'm kind of embarrassed that I even showed you this picture. Hopefully the man of my dreams doesn't type in on google: how to put gas in a boat, then find that my blog pops up first (yes, it's true!) and then he clicks on A Piece of Pie and just finds this picture. Boy, would I have no hope at all.

Long story short, the woman butchered my hair.

So to sum it all up, I am thankful that I can look at myself in the mirror without laughing.