Saturday, November 28, 2009

He's Just Fun!

As Thanksgiving break is draws to an end, I would like to tell you that I am thankful for my Granddaddy. I'm at his house right now, and let me tell you--he makes me laugh.

Today he reminded me that, whether he is telling me that I better get busy or I'll be an old maid, or if he is cluelessly about to sit on Darby the dog and Mal barely saves the dog's life, he is just always funny.

I stayed with him for a few months this summer to keep him organized and keep him company, and I had many great moments.

The first week I was there, he took us to J. Alexander's. As he was ordering, he said that he'd like the Fresh Fish and Seafood. That was not an option, it was like saying I'd like Entrees or Appetizers, like the heading of the menu. The waitress kept trying to ask him which kind of fresh fish or seafood he wanted, and he just said, 'I'd like all of it.' So, flustered, I just chose shrimp for him as I was trying not to either a.) be embarrassed or b.) bust out laughing. I learned to ask him what he wants before the waitress gets there so we would have it settled from then on.

And what about when we sat through the entire three hours of AUSTRALIA and when it was done, he said, "Boy, I never knew there was so much racism in Hawaii!" And I said smile/laughing, "In Hawaii?" And he said, "Haha, yeah, you didn't know it either, did you?"

We had another movie night one night at his house and had friends up and he watched the movie with us. About halfway through the movie, he got up to get a drink and came back and stood right in front of the tv, about 6 inches away from the screen. No one could see the tv. And I couldn't stop laughing. He had no idea that he was hindering anyone's vision.

I love that Granddaddy comes to our new church sometimes with my family. My old church, where he still goes, is Presbyterian, old, beautiful, stain-glass windows, and very traditional. Our new church, well it's a little more contemporary-- loud music, raising of the hands, a dark sanctuary. So a while back, he came with my family and during the singing time, people started raising their hands. So Granddaddy raised his hands too for a while, which he has never done. Then he looked around and saw that we weren't raising our hands so he took his down. You might have to know my Granddad, but I can't stop laughing when I think about this.

At Thanksgiving lunch, he got his plate and then walked into my aunt's bedroom because he told us that Ang told him that was where the table was.

But anyways, today, I was staying up here at his house again. It brought back mostly sweet memories from this summer. I spent hours going through their stuff, going through Nanny's closets and computer room, writing thank you notes, hanging pictures of Nanny, making dinners, cooking for other people, taking Granddaddy to lunch, having 'cousin nights' just about every night at Granddad's, just plenty of fun memories.

We had some funny moments of course. But really I just enjoyed being up there at that house and hanging out with Granddad.

So even though Granddaddy is sick, I love to still laugh (instead of cry), keep him company (even though he might not remember), and listen to stories from a lonnng time ago (because he does remember). He's just fun!