Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Jody...

Dear Jody,

You were always such a sweet little dog. I know that I wasn't always so sweet back to you, and all you wanted was for me to remember you when you left your paw prints on my church clothes. All you wanted was our loving attention when you chased our tires in the driveway. You really didn't mean to annoy us by making us stop and go as we were trying not to hit you (and I'm sorry for the times that I did hit you on the 4wheeler). And, the last time I was home, I know that I wasn't so nice screaming at telling you to get back outside when all you wanted to do was to join in the conversation in the living room because you didn’t know that once again you smelled like a dead squirrel. Sorry about that, I always though that it was just always understood that you were an outside dog.

I'm sorry you had to go in a traumatic way, but I think you were doing what you loved--chasing the UPS truck. I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of your every day since we lived on the mountain. You were always the fastest of all the dogs, you know. But I guess this time, you just didn't see the other car coming right for you.

I didn't think it would really affect me when you died because you're a dog and I care more about people than dogs. But, I do miss you even though I'm at school and I wouldn't see you anyways.

Just wanted you to know that there will be an empty place in our yard when I get home this weekend, and I'm going to notice it. These past 13 years you have always been right there, literally, when I got out of my car (even if it was when I was in my prom dress and you smelled like the pond).

Love, Melis

R.I.P. Jody


I'm sorry I didn't have a better picture, but there you are in the bottom left.