Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Appreciation for Bowls

Thankful Day Eleven

I know I've missed about 4 days or so of being thankful, but I was just not able to pull it together enough to post. But I'm pulling myself together now so I can write to you lovely blog stalkers.

I was sick on Sunday and Monday and stayed in the bed for the majority of that time, then made myself well and went to visit my dear cousin Taylor in Nashville Tuesday so didn't arrive home until 12:30, and I'm not sure if it's AM or PM, but it's the one at night.

So today, Wednesday, I woke up for my 8 o'clock, forgot my coffee and cold medicine on the counter, went to Panera but wasn't even late to class, fell asleep in class, got a free lunch, then left early from class thinking that I'd just slip out because the teacher was out of the room. I proceeded to ask around class to see which door I should exit from so that I wouldn't run into Dr. W. Out of the three door choices to exit from, of course I chose the one where I ran straight into him, one-on-one in the hallway where I had to explain to him what I was doing. I didn't have a real reason to be leaving so I just looked like a lying idiot... "Umm, I had to leave at 1 so I just thought I'd go ahead and leave so that I didn't interrupt class." You may have had to be in the situation to see the awkwardness, but it was.

So anyways, to the point, Natalie and I decided that today we would be thankful for bowls. They are our favorite because they can be utilized for most of my favorite things--ice cream, cereal, soup, salads, mixing, and any other food you want to put in there!

It's so much easier to eat out of bowls. I mean, have you ever run out of bowls and tried eating cereal off of a plate? Don't even try. It will ruin your entire morning. And have you ever noticed that a salad tastes better when it is in a bowl? Well, it does.

The main reason I run the dishwasher at our apartment is because we run out of bowls. I guess we've been eating a little bit too much ice cream cereal and salads.

So let's give it up for bowls.

Comment and tell me any instances that you've appreciated the bowl.