Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crackling Fireplaces and Down Mattress Toppers

It's Thankful Day Seven, even though I missed Thankful Day Six. But I'll tell you two things that I am thankful for today to make up for it, don't you worry!

So for yesterday, I am thankful for fires in fireplaces. I got home yesterday to find the coziest fire going, the house smelling like apple cinnamon, and my parents sitting in the living room. It was the ideal Fall scene for me growing up. Our house was always cold because of high heat bill prices earlier in the year, so to warm up, we'd gather by the fireplace. Sometimes, my mom even moved the sofa to right in front of the fireplace so that we'd have a place to sit because my entire family was gathered there around the heat just about all the time, doing homework, talking, or watching tv.)

So anyways, not only are fires warm, they are cozy, they remind me of Fall, and they bring back sweet, yet frosty memories spent with my family close.

And for today, I am thankful for mattress toppers. My bed at home, well it isn't the most comfortable bed by any means, that is, until the feather mattress topper was put on top of the other crate topper. Now it's the kind of bed where when you get in it, you sink down.

As the story goes, I moved out to go college so Mother wanted to use my room as a guest bedroom. She moved me into the worst room in the house with a mattress that was unbearable. So, I get home for Thanksgiving break freshman year and my stuff is not in the same place as I left it, and my bed was slanted sideways... Oh, thanks Mom, I wasn't planning on catching up on any sleep or anything, no big deal.

Long story short, with a little work, Mom has transformed that mattress and bed into bliss with those two layers of padding, soft sheets, a heavy down comforter and a quilt to top it off.

This is making me want to go get in bed, and I just might do that! It is getting dark... Maybe that will cancel out the fact that it is 6pm. :)