Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm a terrible blogger. I wrote a post about Bruno varmint who lives under our house, 
but I never pressed the "Publish" button. 

In a nutshell, the post pretty much said that Bruno the varmint(s?) is still living in our little yellow house and he (they?) is active as ever. We are pretty sure that there are multiple varmints now. Disgusting! It sounds like there are at least five. And they are most likely HUGE rats. They sound heavy, but they have claws and obviously fit in pretty small places. 

It kind of freaks me out sometimes. It sounds like someone is trying to get into our house or something because they are so loud! They gnaw on things, scurry up metal pipes, run laps in our attic, chill out behind our shower...  I think they are more comfortable in our home than we are now. 

So anyways, last night I had a dream that our house was infested with snakes... AHHH! That was so much worse! I found eight copperheads. Seven baby-ish snakes first, then a big mama snake. It was horrible and I'm getting the chills just blogging about it. Of course in my dream, I had no good tools to kill the things so I ran outside helpless. I'm pretty sure that dream stemmed from the varmint problem that we have that I feel is spiraling out of control.

We have a new exterminator come now who has been in this business for about 50 years and he says that it will take weeks before the varmints die. He set traps. Jim the landlord comes just about every day to check on them. He put out his own poison, and he told us that if that doesn't work, he's bringing his shot gun. On a separate occasion, he told us that he's going to burn our house down. I only ask that I can bring my computer, phone, books, clothes, and pictures outside first. 

Anyways, I keep remembering that there could be much worse problems. I am blessed to have a warm-ish, dry house during this cold winter. I will probably miss the darn varmints when/if ever they are gone because it will be so quiet. Who knows? 

Just a quick update on my life besides my home: I had the busiest week ever last week with four tests and two papers. This coming up week won't be so bad! I just have a test and paper due Monday. Woo who!! Spring Break is coming up and I'm excited about that. I'm getting sad that I'm graduating soon and  leaving Knoxville. I'm trying to get some job interviews. Uncle Paul and Uncle Wade are both trying to set me up with some interviews, so that's so nice. I'm going to the job fair soon. So, there are a lot of unknowns in that area! 

I have had two friends get engaged this week (so exciting!!). My big sis Anna got engaged Friday night and she called me yesterday to tell me before I saw on facebook, and I thought that was so sweet of her. On Tuesday, my friend Emily got engaged and we went over to greet her at her friend's house afterwards and see her beautiful ring. I'm so excited for them both. 

I now have seven engaged friends!! Talk about some wedding talk going on... But it's so much fun! I feel like I'm going to know exactly what I want for my wedding someday after all this talk. 

This was about exactly 4 years ago. There is no telling what we were doing.
I'm so thankful for this girl though. We've been through 4 years of college together and are still good friends. We have lunch together a couple of times a week and always have so much fun. Gonna miss you, Val! 

And really, what were we doing?

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