Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello New Frig!

We have been really needing a new frig for a while.
It started out this past summer when it leaked and all our food got wet.
Every day.
Every day I came in to find soaking wet carrots or leftovers or whatever it might be that I wanted to eat.

Jim fixed that by putting none other than the SHAM-WOW below where it leaked,
and told me to squeeze that out whenever it got full.
That should keep it from getting the food wet. 

I never really wanted to take the time to squeeze it out and get all wet.
It was pretty gross.
Jim eventually got a guy over to look at it, and the man fixed it...
For a little while.

Before Christmas, probably about four months ago, our frig door started not shutting.
I came in in the mornings and it would be cracked open.
Or I'd come home at night and it'd be just barely open.
It was just enough to be wasting energy.

We tried taking things out of the door, and that worked for a while.
After a while, that no longer worked, so we resorted to duck tape.
We put duck tape on the door and would duck tape it back every time.
We used one piece of tape for as long as it stayed sticky, and then changed it. 

The duck tape worked, but sometimes it didn't work if the duck tape wasn't sticky
or if we forgot to press the duck tape back down after using it. 

And so, we told Jim the landlord.

Jim looked for a frig for about a month. 
He told us that he wanted to find an old refrigerator because old ones last longer.
Finally, he found an old frig.
We were so excited! 

He told us to eat all the food in our old freezer and frig before we swapped them out.
That took a while... 
But finally, today, we got a new refrigerator.

We said good-bye to the old one...
We won't miss it.

And we said hello to the new one! 
We were surprised at its odd color... 
Something from the 70's maybe?
It's an off-white, creamy, yellowish color.
It doesn't quite go with our green and white kitchen.
We decided that we'll cover it up with magnets and such.

It's bigger than the other one and has a nifty place for eggs and a tray for frozen pizzas.
We are very happy with its sturdy door that shuts.
Jim said he got one with a magnet on the door for us, so it will be sure to close.
(Like we were the ones who caused the last one not to shut... haha.)
Oh, Jim! 

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