Saturday, December 26, 2009

Redneck or Not?

I can't figure it out.

Am I a red-neck or not?

I sure hope not, but sometimes it crosses my mind in circumstances such as:

1. Sitting in the living room and clearly, loudly hearing a rooster crow. This isn't just any rooster. It is the one who calls home the chicken pen which is directly below our living room in our basement.

2. When explaining my favorite Christmas gift of my life last week at Passion to strangers, I said, "When I was six I got a four-wheeler. It was definitely the most exciting gift of my life."

3. When explaining the weirdest/craziest gift of my life to the same strangers at Passion, I said, "When I was 13 I got a fallow deer. I really wanted a baby goat for Christmas but my dad surprised me with a tame deer with huge antlers." ...Wonder what those strangers were thinking... Possibly, This girl is so backwards, her parents are probably siblings.

So those were just a few instances that made me wonder. What do you think?