Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Buying Me A Drink.

Christmas break ended with a bang.

The latter part of my break consisted of Passion 2010 conference which was ballin' and then a few cozy snow days and then my birthday.

My 21st birthday was pretty great.

It began on Sunday, my birthday eve, as I celebrated with my family. We went to Macaroni Grill after church and I opened some presents that my family gave me. I got an adorable purse, a cute skirt, laptop cover (I lost my grip on my laptop last week and had a nice little ride down the stone steps), and a few other things.

So after lunch, we headed home, I packed up and came back to Knoxville. At midnight, my lovely neighbors and Nat told me that I just had to buy a drink at midnight. It being Sunday, I had to go to the gas station (classy, I know) to buy something. I was incredibly nervous just looking at the alcoholic beverages. I chose Mike's Hard Lemonade because it looked the best (everything else was beer).

I got in line nervously and showed the guy my ID. He announced my 21st birthday to everyone in line and I'm pretty sure I looked like a scared little rabbit, as my smile was one where my lips were dry and stuck on my teeth, I didn't make eye contact with anyone, and my hands were sweating. Suddenly, I grabbed my hard lemonade to jet out, failing to shell out any money. When the cashier reminded me to pay, I ripped out my wallet, shoved him my card, and was out of there as quickly as possible, hoping the neighbors and Nat didn't notice how quickly I was walking out of the gas station. I even felt strange holding the bag with the alcoholic drink in it and I wanted to just drop it and leave it behind.

At any rate, I went back to my apartment, put the hard lemonade in my frig and still haven't had one and it's five days later. But, buddy, I bought an alcoholic drink at midnight on my 21st birthday! And I don't actually have to describe the gas station/shaking with nervousness/forgetting to pay scene to the people who I want to look smooth in front of.

I'll just keep the details to a minimum. I was so cool as a 21 year old.