Monday, January 25, 2010

Workout Fail

Today is Monday; that means it is the day for my second workout.

This morning I prepared by waking up at 6:45, dressing in my workout clothes, and putting my hair up in a pony tail. I went to my classes, then headed to workout.

As soon as I got there I realized that I did not have my wallet which had my student id so that I could get into the workout center. Mars was already inside so I called her and she came out. We looked for my student id in my book bag and didn't see it, so we decided to just leave and go on a walk or something. Walking outside into a strong gust of wind quickly changed our minds and we chose to go shopping for workout clothes.

Hey, that's kind of like working out, isn't it? Workout clothes will entice us to work out! But I was disappointed because I didn't have my wallet to buy anything.

Anyways, right as we were getting into the car, I looked down to see my wallet in my purse. I had searched my book bag. My student id was there after all. We had already gotten excited about shopping, so we couldn't decide: walk back to work out or drive to shop?

Well, we decided to shop: Fail.

I think I subconsciously did that... I subconsciously just imagined my student id being gone so that I didn't have to workout.

Sad, I know.