Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonder Woman

I was thinking a few weeks back that it would be really fun to write a blog as someone else. Like, make up a person and have really awesome stories in this girl's life.

The problem sometimes with blogging for me is that I don't always have stuff to write about, but if I could make someone up, like a mom with 5 kids who loves to exercise, eats everything organic, cooks all the time, is strong in her faith, has a sweet tooth, and loves adventures.

Of course, I can't really make up this wonder woman because it would be lying. But maybe, just maybe, I could make her up and let people know that she's made up, kind of like a book.

Would anyone actually want to read this? I could just do it for my own enjoyment, but I have a feeling I'd want to blog about wonder woman more than about my own slightly boring life.

Well, those are just my thoughts for the morning. Happy almost weekend! I'm hoping a blizzard blows in in the next 10 minutes before I have to leave for class.