Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anyone Want to Break Free?

Sunday I went to McKay's bookstore and found yet another book (or five) that I really wanted to buy. These books were used! They were cheap! So, I gave myself a break. I chose to buy only two books and the second season of the O.C.! (YES, I am actually watching it as I blog).

So anyways, I started one of my new books yesterday, Breaking Free by Beth Moore.

I have to tell you that I am so excited about it! I read 30 pages last night (yes, it was Friday night, and I did stay in to read and study; it was rainy!) and thoroughly enjoyed each and every page.

The entire theme of the book is to "Discover the Victory of Total Surrender." Beth Moore says that she has never written anything that means more to her than the message of this book. I am so excited about it because I don't think that I have ever experienced total surrender. But, oh how amazing that would be! To be completely and utterly free!

'A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her.'

A way to see if we are being held captive is to see if we are enjoying five benefits that God wants His children to experience which are:

1. To know God and believe Him
2. To glorify God
3. To find satisfaction in God
4. To experience God's peace
5. To enjoy God's presence

Beth Moore reminds me that God intends for each of us to be able to enjoy these things every single day. He wants us to have these. He doesn't want it to just be during a period of our lives or just some days, maybe once a week? No, every single day we can believe God, glorify God, find satisfaction in Him, have peace, and enjoy His presence! These things aren't just a prize for a few elite believers. He wants us to be set free more than we even want it, because we can't even conceive what it's like, and He loves us that much!

He wants me and you to live and breathe each of these blessings!

I hope that you know how much Jesus Christ loves you and wants the best for you.

My prayer recently is that I would be able to understand that I don't do a thing to earn or take away from the love that Jesus Christ has for me; that I haven't done a thing for the righteousness that has been laid upon me through the sacrifice of God's Son; and that understanding these things would set me free that I might live an abundant life, a Spirit-filled life here on earth!

How awesome would that be!?

Want to Break Free with me? I'm not too far along in the book yet so if you want to pick up the book and read along with me, I'd love that! Let me know if you do! We can talk/e-mail/facebook chat about it.