Friday, May 14, 2010

I love do-nothing-summer-days.

They are my favorite. I've done some things in the past few days but the things don't really count as actually doing something. They include shopping, eating, walking, talking, and things of the sort.

Last night we ate dinner at Red Lobster with Granddaddy and his "lady-friend," Wanda (aka Mamaw).  Well, they were so cute together and he was so alert, it was so fun! I asked him what he was going to ask for for his birthday Sunday, but he replied with, "Well, [long pause] I don't know. What would a man my age ask for? A car? " (He doesn't drive).

Granddaddy is awesome all around. We all love spending time with him, and he has lots of good things to say. He makes us laugh lots, and I'm going to tell you what I've been laughing about today.

Granddaddy's birthday is this coming Sunday. And today is Friday, which is his daughter, Ang's birthday and his granddaughter, LA's birthday. (Our family has so many birthdays right now). Anyways, Ang and LA went to visit Granddaddy this morning, and Anne (the woman who takes care of G-dad) put two cards on his lap and told him, "These are for Ang and LA for their birthdays today."

He didn't look at the cards for a long time and just talked, but a few minutes later, he looked down and said, "Oh, look-a-there! I got some birthday cards." He opened one card and looked at it excitedly, and then LA (who is 3 today) asked him to open the other one. He let her open it, and a check came out. Mind you, both of these cards are actually from him and to Ang and LA. He was excited about the check.

Then Mamaw called him, and he told her that they were celebrating his birthday, and she said, "Doug, you're birthday isn't for two more days."

He told her, "Well, we're just celebrating it a little bit early."

He got off the phone and Ang was trying not to bust out laughing because she didn't want to ruin his exciting "birthday."

He went back to the envelope said, "Woah, look at that check!!! $2,000! Oh my! Who is that from?"

Ang said, "Oh no, Daddy, it's just $200."

He was still excited about the $200, and then he looked at the front of the envelope which said "Ang" and he said, "Oh, it's from Ang! Well thanks Ang!" Ang would give him a check for his birthday... He wouldn't know what to do with it because he doesn't have a clue as to what he would want for his birthday. We always get him real presents.

And so, that was Ang's birthday present this morning, a big laugh from G-dad. I hope she ended up taking the card and check with her. He probably won't remember it, plus we're having a big 78th birthday party for him Sunday. That'll make up for his lost card.

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Valerie said...

hilarious! My comment isn't nearly as exciting as the other one ha but I am looking forward to more granddad stories this summer!