Monday, July 26, 2010

I reallllly need it....

There are wants and there are needs. And this is a definite need.

I would love to have a camera so that I could, say... have more than 3 pictures with Geoffrey! I would love to take pictures at the best internship ever when we do things like shooting guns, making Thanksgiving dinner, or going to the Titanic museum in Gatlinburg. I would love to take pictures in Haiti next week. Did I tell you that I'm going to Haiti next week? I don't remember if I told you, but I am going and I'm excited. We're staying in Port-Au-Prince and mostly helping out at an orphanage with 43 kids and playing with them during the day and doing a few crafts and games since they don't get much of that type of stuff.  We're also going to go to a tent city and play soccer with the kids and make them some beans and rice. 

I'm sure it's going to be a shocking experience as I've heard that Haiti wasn't a very luxurious place to start with, and now there has been almost nothing done to fix the earthquake damage. Maybe when I come back, I won't think that I really need the camera anymore. 

This is a picture from an awesome website, Go over there and check out all of their pictures. But this sign says, "God gives, God takes, God bless." The caption on this said, "This man is a pastor who lost his daughter in the earthquake, but as you can see, hasn't lost his faith."

We could use your prayers! We leave Sunday, August 1st and return Friday, August 6th. And I will be getting on another airplane. We aren't taking a cruise ship as I'd hoped :). The 3rd plane trip this year! It's funny how I fly more the summer after my plane scare than I do any other summer of my life. Anyways, your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

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