Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The rest of the St. Thomas Trip

I'll fill in the rest of the trip! 

The view from the beach.

The shade palm tree above us.

The amazing water view from our 2nd room.

Our hotel room view.

We were in Sugar Bay, so it doesn't look like the ocean.

A local man at the resort begged me to let him do a portrait of me for $45. I kindly said, "Aww man, I wish! But I don't have enough money." He said he'd give it to me for $25. And I said, "Oh I don't even have that much." (Lying through my teeth.) He said he'd do it for $20 because he really wanted to attract attention. I said, "Okay, well I'm going to shop around and come back." But I was planning on shopping around and forgetting to come back. He came over to me and said he was ready. Plan failed. So I sat there for 20 minutes, paid him $20, and this is what I got. People kept coming by and saying, "Oh my gosh, that looks just like you!" and "WOW!!! That's insane!" I was expecting something really good. Is this was I really look like??? To be honest, I was a little bit offended when I saw it. A little superficial, I know, but I look really fat and angry here.

Anyways, these are all from my camera phone because my camera no longer works. I really need to get one! I have more pictures but I have to send them from my phone to snapfish and then wait for them to get there and then save them to my computer and upload them here. It takes a while, so I'll share more later. 

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