Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Six Flags Over Georgia, Literally

I am getting a little bit ahead of myself here, but I'll just start out with my favorite quote from yesterday. First let me tell you that I always wondered why they called it Six Flags Over Georgia instead of Six Flags In Georgia. I now have a new understanding of the term.

On the flight from St. Thomas last night, right as we got into Georgia close to the airport, right after the stewardess had fallen to the ground because of the rough ride, she told us, "People pay big bucks at Six Flags to feel like this!" She said it like it was no big deal. She just fell with her coffee tray in her hand! And she didn't get up. She laid there for a while, right next to us in the aisle as we awkwardly tried to figure out--laugh, help her, or ignore it?

At any rate, her statement was true. At Six Flags it's fun to drop in the air and have some bumps and be a little nervous. But we weren't at Six Flags; we were in the air, and therefore I personally did not enjoy that feeling for the duration of the flight.

Cros and I had such a fun time in St. Thomas. Beautiful weather. Awesome food. Gorgeous resort. Amazing beaches.

Our flight to St. Thomas was great, although the hours on a flight just don't go by quickly for me ever since my scary plane incident. The entire 3-4 hours I was listening to make sure I didn't hear any blowing up noise coming from the place that I assumed was the engine area, watching the wings to make sure no parts flew off, noticing the flight attendant's every move and facial expression as she talked to the pilot on the little phone. It wasn't fun. But we made it there fairly easily. Not much turbulence, a few minutes early, just great. We arrived promptly at 2:00 pm, to the resort by 3:00.

The first full day at the resort, I was so excited to get outside to lay out on the beautiful beach! The water was crystal clear blues and greens, coral reefs right off the shore, and just gorgeous. So Cros and I woke up early, put our suits on, covered ourselves with sunscreen to let it soak in longer, then dressed in our coverups, and ate breakfast, then we headed straight to the beach by about 10:30. We immediately took off our cover ups and got our chairs all situated to lay out for a while.

We laid out for a while, I started reading. Then I got a really hot and remembered that this bathing suit has different tan lines than my normal one so I better put on extra sunscreen on the blindingly white areas. As I started to put on the lotion, I noticed that I didn't see any blindingly white areas, and my bathing suit looks like... MY UNDERWEAR! Oh wait, it IS my underwear!!! No way! 

I froze and panickingly told Cros, "Oh my gosh Crosby!!! My underwear!"

She couldn't stop laughing. Thankfully, they were nothing too revealing except that they were very old and slightly see through from one fifty too many washes. (The only reason I had them on was because I had run out and didn't have time to wash clothes before I left... I most definitely do not wear them on a regular basis.) Anyways, I was humiliated that that many people could see my ratty underwear. It was like one of those dreams where you suddenly find yourself naked and in public. Does anyone else have those dreams, or is that just me? (Because it is actually a practical fear for me to have with my absent-minded tendencies.)

After we (I could tell Crosby was embarrassed too) got over the humiliation of accidently wearing only underwear in public, then we couldn't stop laughing. Who forgets to put their bottoms on? I am so completely out of it so much of the time. I put my cover up back on and hiked the 131 stairs back to the room to change. I then reapplied the sunscreen on the blindingly white areas and laid out again.

About 5 minutes later, an iguana came up to my chair and people all gathered around me and took pictures of it. All I could think was that that was some good luck I had! Can you imagine discovering you're in your underwear when people are all around taking pictures of the iguana under your chair?  Good thing I can only imagine that. There's always something to be thankful for!

That's just the very beginning and the very end of the trip! I'm going to put up pictures and fill in the rest later!

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