Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bruno and the Yellow House

There was once a little creature named Bruno, and he was very cold. The temperatures had dropped to the teens, and there was snow covering the ground everywhere.  He needed a warm place to go so he could survive! He looked and looked and looked until he found a hole in the side of a little yellow house. He could feel the warm air coming from the house, and he was very excited for the warmth but slightly nervous of what was inside.

Bruno stepped in slowly, and it felt so good. He went a little further, and then around a wall and through some pipes, up some wood and through another hole. The further he went, the warmer it was. He was so happy! He could stay here forever, even if it was dark. He curled up and went to sleep for two whole days!

When he woke up, he started to panic. Where was he? It was so dark in there! Suddenly he recalled stepping into the dark hole in the side of the yellow house. He began to get calm until he realized that he couldn't find his way out! He heard people above him in the house walking around. He heard a loud noise and it sounded like running water coming right for him! He couldn't see a thing! He ran, bumping into a wall. He turned around, darted the other way, and boom! into another wall! What in the world was going on? The water was coming for him, he just knew it! But what to do? After about 30 minutes of this, he had to take a rest and he fell asleep.


It was morning, and Melissa had just gotten out of the shower. She heard some noises below. It was really loud. That's weird! The pipes sound extra loud today! She stomped on the floor, and the noise didn't stop. Something must have happened over break. Weird, but oh well!

Later, Mary was sitting in her bed doing homework and heard something in her closet. She was scared, but decided to go look. It sounded big! She crept over, peeked around the doorway, but nothing. It still made noises, but it wasn't in her closet.

That night Natalie was at home sitting in the living room. The house was quiet, but then she thought she heard some scurrying. It was really loud. She pulled her feet up onto the sofa in case something was about to run across the floor. As she listened, it sounded like it was staying in the bathroom, so she got up to check. Nothing was in there, but there sure was a noise coming from under the bath tub.

Things continued this way for days. Maybe even a week! Finally one day, Melissa said something to Mary and Natalie, and they all shared their stories and laughed, nervously thinking to themselves, what in the world is it?! It had begun to sound like it was coming up through the floor sometimes.

Poor Bruno would wake up, run around for hours hitting walls harder than ever, as he was desperately trying to find food, light, anything, until eventually he fall asleep. The poor girls in the house would freak out every time they thought they heard something or someone in their little yellow house. Finally, Melissa called the landlord.

"Hey Jim, I wanted to tell you that we have something below our bath tub that is making loud noises."

... No reply....

Melissa--"Like, it's an animal we think, and we don't know what to do about it. It's been getting louder over the last few days."

Long, awkward pause.

Jim-- "Hmm, well is your basement door closed?"

Mel--"Yes, it's closed. The thing is like in our walls or something, it's not on the basement floor."

Long pause.

Jim--"Well what do you think it is?"

Mel--"Probably some kind of animal."

Long pause.

Jim--"How do you think it got in there?"

Mel--"I'm not sure Jim, we just heard it the past few days, and we don't know what to do."

Jim--"How long has it been there?"

Mel--"We've been hearing it for a week."

Really long pause.

Jim--"Well I guess I can come try to figure out where it is and see what I can do."

Mel--"That would be great. Thanks!"

Melissa hung up. "That was awkward."


The rest is to be continued as soon as the end of the story is here!

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