Sunday, January 2, 2011

Citrus Surge Music Video and Xmas Vacation

Over our Christmas vacation in Florida, my two sisters and three girl cousins and I needed something to do besides lay around. Laura got a video camera for Christmas. And so we made a music video.

We had a lot of fun doing it. 
The name Citrus Surge originated because the oranges are in right now in the groves in our yard. 
(As I type, my hands are sticky from eating an orange that we brought back.)
They are so incredibly good and all of our band names are types of oranges in the groves.
We tried to get our neighbor George to dance but he wouldn't so we put a clip of him in there anyways.
This is George below.

For our vacation, we planned on going to Tavares (where the Florida house is) and staying a few nights, then driving the the Keys. Since some people were using our house and decided to stay longer than we thought, we ended up driving straight from home in 6 inches of snow to Key West. We loved it there but with our awesome luck, temperatures hit record lows while we were there. 42 degrees is cold with all the wind there, especially when you don't bring many cozy clothes. After a few nights, we went back to Tavares and it felt like we were going home except that it was 75 degrees in December and January. It was so boring and so relaxing. I read my book outside all day yesterday and have a nice sunburn to remind me of it. We wished we could stay longer but Mother has to go back to work tomorrow. We left the 75 degree weather this morning and it was 32 degrees when we got home. 

I'm trying to stay positive about cold weather but I hate to think that most likely, I won't be in 75 degree weather for another 3 months. 

As a last note, I want to document the fact that I am the only person in my family that did not get pulled over or get a ticket in the year 2010.  Mom and Mary both got speeding tickets on trips to Florida, Dad got pulled over with no ticket but he also got a camera ticket for speeding, and Laura got pulled over but no ticket.  I better knock on wood.

Anyways, Happy New Year! 

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