Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Colors

I'm enjoying my weekend at home relaxing. It has felt like summertime! 

We had some adorably rowdy kids in the yard all day.

Playing with them always brings back memories of how much fun I had in the same yard with cousins my age.

We were always barefooted. 

Just like today. 

We usually had some form of wheels.

Just like they did today.

We always had some kind of farm animal for entertainment.

Just like they did today.

I had a fun childhood... I miss it. 
The good thing is, I can relive it every time I come home.
It's pretty much the same as it's always been around here. 
And I like that.

So anyways, it's been an awesome weekend with amazing weather.  
As you can see, I got to take a few colorful snapshots with my mother's camera.
I got to hang out with some little cousins and some big cousins as well.
I looked for jobs online last night with the help of my parents.
We made fish tacos for dinner and then walked at the school.
Currently, I am in bed about to go to sleep for the big day tomorrow...

(Both of those were sitting in our kitchen all day. I thought the comparison was interesting... Especially after looking inside the latter one.)

Those are the real thing.
Straight from the Easter bunny's rear.

Anyways, I am excited for Easter day celebrations.
I am so thankful for the cross and for the fact that... 

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