Friday, August 28, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite Things

I've moved, unpacked, started school, and cooking on my own again. I've discovered a few things for the first time and some things that I just forgot from last year, and here is my list of my top ten favorite things in my life now that the semester has begun.

1.) The fact that I'm finally all moved in. I love decorating and so actually having it all come together and barely spending money on it just made my whole month! We used stuff from our houses and Gav's family's fabric from their fabric store.

2.) The fact that we don't care that we have empty picture frames all over the apartment makes me happy.

We have one picture in one frame and all the rest are this strange man and woman looking at a book. I think the man looks like a Chan.

Here we have a missing lamp shade along with a missing picture in the frame.

And the missing pictures in the frig magnets.

Last year I accidentally left empty picture frames in my living room all year long and didn't realize they were still empty until I was moving out.

3.) My third favorite thing doesn't sound very nice, but it's the truth. I'm so excited that the swine flu is going around and I haven't gotten it. I'm not excited that poor roomies Gnat and Beal have had to suffer through the fever and cough, but I feel like this is the first time in about a year that I haven't gotten sick when someone else is sick. Maybe my immune system is actually returning! It's a miracle in itself.

4.) Asian Toasted Sesame salad dressing. I could probably do a commercial for this stuff just because I'm such a fan. I now love eating salads for dinner. Or snack actually. Or snack and dinner. And we ran out of cereal, so I may even have a salad for breakfast tomorrow :) . I eat the salad purely for the dressing.

5.) The fact that I truly believe that it's okay to wear my favorite comfy clothes every single day to class. I realized that I automatically go back to the same clothes every year when school starts. For some reason, there's no looking cute for class in college for me. My complete wardrobe is as follows:

Pretty simple. I've got my assorted colored t-shirts, Nike shorts, and podiatrist-recommended tennis shoes that I wear day in and day out.

6.) Classical music and black out blinds. When the neighbors get loud, I can use these two things to sleep, but really I love that I have a need for these two things now. I have lively neighbors. But really, that's good. It's nice to be able to go right outside my door and talk to some lively people. And when I get tired I can just come on in, blast my classical music, and usually fall asleep.

7.)Sugarland. It Happens. Everyday America. The two songs make me happy every time I hear them.

8.) Outdoor adirondack chairs. I love sitting outside. Especially around here, I can stay entertained for hours just watching people. And this weather has been perfect.

9.) A Perfect Mess. By Lisa Harper. The book somewhat defines my life. Each chapter focuses on a different Psalm, and they are all incredible. Just the book I've been needing.

10.) My first indoor closet. I don't have a closet at home. And I definitely have never been able to walk in a closet that is my own. It's revolutionary. But, problem is-- I'm going to have to get more clothes to fill up my closet. Not sure how Dad will feel about that problem.

So there they are, my top ten favorites. It's the little things in life that can be my favorite. Truthfully, I get more excited about the salad dressing than the big closet. The empty picture frames make a great conversation starter, and wearing workout clothes today got me some Adidas promotion job because I looked 'fit'... It was totally the tennis shoes though. I know I didn't look fit exactly. And, after the guy offered me the job, I tripped while standing.

Anyways, take a look around at the little things in life and discover the little quirky things that you really appreciate. There are probably more things that you'd think.