Friday, September 4, 2009

How Not to Figure Out What to Major In

I've been browsing the net, thinking about my future. Didn't come up with many plans, but I found some interesting information for those of you who don't know what to major in and who aren't yet JUNIORS in college. It's too late for me to go back now.

According to CNCB, the college degrees most in demand in 2009 are as follows, along with my thoughts on each:

1. Accounting. Good thing I just changed my major so that it is no longer accounting. That would have meant I probably would have had a job when I graduated. Sorry Dad.

2. Mechanical Engineering. Makes me sick thinking about any kind of engineering. I don't think I even know what engineering really is.

3. Electrical Engineering. My luck, I'd probably get electrocuted.

4. Computer Science. Computers. I don't get mad often. Unless it's at computers. I get angry at computers. I can officially state that I get more upset at computers than I do at people.

5. Business Administration/Management. Hey, I'm a Business major. Too bad I hate all of my business classes I'm in now. If, and only if, I did business as a career, I'm pretty sure the only part I'd enjoy would be buying new, really cute business clothes.

6. Economics/ Finance. My Finance class is killing me. Today we played a game in class and the teacher through a tennis ball and whoever caught it picked a friend nearby to answer the question. I knew NONE of the answers and I was so afraid I was going to get called on, I felt sick to my stomach and almost got up and left. But it would have made a scene because the other 150 students would have known- Oh, she's too chicken to play the game. To say the least, I don't want to go back.

7. Information Sciences and Systems. I'm also in an Information Systems class. It took me 2 days almost straight to even install the software on my computer. It's not looking so good.

8. Computer Engineering. Computers + Engineering. Definitely not.

9. Management Information Systems. Isn't this a repeat of number 7? Must be realllly popular.

10. Marketing/ Marketing Management. I've always wondered what marketing majors actually do.

So, my future plans are still slim. As far as my major, human resources, is concerned, well... in my HR class yesterday, the teacher was talking about how companies are needing less and less human resources people as the years go on (might not be the best sign for me, or my parents at that). But, honestly, I am not really planning on working in HR anyways since I really don't know what Human Resources people actually do.

I'm thinking Christian counseling at the moment. It sounds really exciting and interesting, but who knows what it's actually like, because I'm pretty sure you can't just shadow a counselor when they're working.

I have approximately 613 days to figure out what to do after I graduate. That sounds like a long time to me. Plenty of time, right?