Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Go Look at the Mountains

I made these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this afternoon... Perfect for the fall and so, so easy. And by easy, I mean only 3 ingredients and just stir them together.

My sweet professor told us as we were leaving class today that we had to go look at the mountains today because it's one of those rare October days that you can see them perfectly. That made me start thinking that I need to do more things like that, just enjoy the scenery around me and take time out to do things like that because those things are just good.

Even before this, I had been thinking that I really don't want to just keep looking forward to the next weekend or the next break. I think that I'll look back and wish that I'd enjoyed my crisp autumn days once winter comes, and that I just enjoyed college when I had the chance. I want to take some time out to stop stressing, just to forget about all my responsibilities if even for just an hour, and do something that I love or something for someone else, because that's what makes things good, it's going to be what I remember as I look back on these days.

So I don't want you to forget to cherish the moment either, and I know that sounds so cheesy. But who wants to live for the next activity all the time, wasting away these perfectly good days?

So make a cheesy 'Cherish' card for someone, bake some pumpkin cookies, drink some apple cider or coffee and enjoy this fall weather (even if you do have 5 assignments due and 2 tests this week, it will be okay).