Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm a Vegetable.

I'm a Vegetable.

The past 30 hours:

Awaken at 9, off to class, straight to lunch, head to the library for 3 hours, then to finance office hours for 1.5 hours, bus ride back to the apartment at 5:30, hurry to turn in homework by 6, drive to Val's to study, actually study, bake cookies for Crompton and Devin, come home at 10:00, go to Sonic for caffeine, back to Val's till 11:30 without my sonic diet dr. pepper (it's still in my room), back to the apartment to study until 2am, sleep 4 hours, wake up at 6am, 2 cups of coffee, study for a test at 8am, another 9am class, lunch at 10:30 with Mol, tutor a girl in finance, class until 1:10 and HOME by 1:30.

So my point? I've been lying in bed for over an hour and haven't slept. I drank too much coffee. I can't do anything really-- no homework, don't want to get out of bed, can't form a complete sentence out loud; I'm just a vegetable, jacked up on caffeine. It's a lovely feeling, really.

I have my small group at 5:00 and then my other small group at 7:00, and then The Cross and 9:00 but I'm thinking I'm going to be a vegetable by then, not jacked up on caffeine anymore, so The Cross may not happen this lovely rainy Wednesday evening.

By The Way: I thought that I knew a guy on the bus today, a guy who I met last night at Devin and Crompton's apartment. So I see him on the bus as I'm walking on, about to slide my bus card, and I cut my eyes over, gave him a cheesy smile and raised my eyebrows, like I knew him or something and was about to go talk to him (although it was a weird thing to do, no matter if I knew him or not), but keep in mind, this is at 1:10 after this long day. So, no reaction from dude. I proceed to get my card out after dropping all my wet stuff in the bus doorway, and then look at him again failing to give up on the first time he obviously didn't recognize me, and this time I squint my eyes, smirk, sit in front of him, then take a deep breath like I'm about to say something, but then I finally recognize the look of complete confusion and shock on the guy's face. Then I just turn around, and sit there in front of him for the rest of the 15 minute bus ride, never looking back, and ignoring him get off.

Why do I do these things? Why, oh why, do I make eyes at complete strangers on buses when I have to sit there with them (it's worse than an elevator)? I can almost guarantee you that I will see dude again this week. And he will definitely not forget that little wordless encounter.

I can already picture it, tomorrow:
7:30am: Mel enters bus.
7:31am: Mel just sees a seat and sits in it, not really noticing the bus buddy in the seat directly next to it.
7:31:30: Mel hits the bus buddy with her back pack. Oh wait, when she turns to apologize, she realizes, is that him? She doesn't apologize.
7:32am: Mel is feeling awkward, next to him. Her mind leaves her; she can't think of a single thing to say. She thinks that he thinks that she meant to sit there next to him. Obviously, he thinks she is a total creeper, first the eyes, then the next day sitting right next to him.
7:33am: Mel decides to try to talk to him. But all she gets out, because she thinks back to this post, she says, "Hey, I'm a vegetable!... [awkward pause] .... I mean, I'm Melissa."

Yes, this will happen tomorrow.